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Many communication channels exist today, but not all channels are appropriate for all audiences. Information overload is a reality in our fast-paced world, so it is necessary for companies to develop a strategy for communicating with their various audiences. Part of this strategy is identifying those audiences and the company's communication goals, and then developing an effective approach to reach them in the most appropriate, timeous and consistent way possible. 

Marketing communications strategies provide the foundation and direction for all communication activities, ensuring that primary objectives are achieved through every activity and that time, money and effort is not wasted on activities that do not offer any return. 

Cyan Sky develops marketing communication strategies that:

  • Define the communication goals and objectives

  • Identify and segment target audiences and stakeholders

  • Identify communication needs of audiences and stakeholders

  • Explore appropriate communication channels

  • Match channels to objectives

  • Identify tools to measure communication effectiveness

  • Include a SWOT analysis where appropriate

Once strategies are tabled and accepted, detailed roll-out plans are developed and managed using a project management methodology and appropriate software.